Jigar Kapdi

Jigar Kapdi, 38, is a versatile film maker from Gujarat who enjoys making films in a variety of genre. Although his works range from punchy rock music videos to subtle biographical films, one common element can be found in all of them. His films resonate with the intended target audience.

Jigar’s experience comes from working with eminent film makers and visual artists from around the world. He has worked with film makers and writers of repute like Mr. Sanjiv Shah, Mr. Sanjay Dayma and Mr. Paresh Mehta  among others. In 2009, he also had an opportunity to work alongside Mr. Tom Clancey, the cinematographer of “Fast and Furious”.

One of the films from his “Toshu-artists’ project” film series was selected and screened in the Alexandria film festival, Egypt. Also, “Art Chronicles” a biographical film on the life of eminent artist Mr. Amit Ambalal was selected to be archived in the Prince of Wales museum, Mumbai.

Jigar Assumes the Role of a Watchful Documentarian

Documenting Ark as it slowly took form, seemed a logical thing to do. For over 8 months Jigar has documented the building process, and interviewed every one involved with it, both at the building, but also in their workshops and offices.The film is still underway and will take a few months to complete.

Drawn from the footage, is a short clip that is part of this show.

It finds place along with models, drawings and photographs from the architects office.