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Art has the power to change, enhance and transform lives. Working beyond the boundaries of a gallery, we assist artists to contribute to public spaces to engage with people and offer auxiliary ways to see, hear and connect with each other.


Girl In The Cart

Located at Palava, Dombivli

Sculpture by Rajesh Prasad

The ‘Girl in the cart’ contrasts a bustling mall life with the quietness and calm that one seeks while shopping or eating at the food court.
The installation remains incomplete unless the viewer poses with it. It also invites passersby to pause, look and give it a moment. Rajesh’s sculptural style emerges out of a quick sketching process because it captures pure thought instead of forced form and colour.
Rajesh largely works with Public Art Installations. He lives and works in Vadodara.

Wings of Palava

Located at Palava, Dombivli

Sculpture By Rajesh Prasad

The ‘Wings of Palava’ has each feather cast individually and transformed to disembodied wings. The sculpture invites its viewers to pose in front of it and be captured by its magnificence.
How the posers ease themselves to the sculpture says a lot about their innermost qualities; their ego or modesty, their religiosity or sense of humor. The wings, the artist believes, brings forth people’s reflection of what they identify themselves as.
While viewing Rajesh Prasad’s steel sculpture, one gets the feeling of optimism, fantasy and freedom.

Cubical Men

Located at Palava, Dombivli

Sculpture by Mrugen Rathod

Made with the pleasure of creating an interactive metal fabrication in a space of vacuity, Mrugen’s works are abstract yet identifiable. The artist chooses to achieve a balance between the individual sensibility and creative process through art made in response to, and in encounter with, a site.
His sculptural set ‘Cubical Men’, shows his fascination for geometric shapes and their limitless opportunities. These Installations alter and penetrate the existing environment and draws viewers to participate in composing the frame.
He got his inspiration from the forms of architectures of the city and the row patterns of the rock formations of Sahyadri.

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