Puneet Kaushik

“I want to constantly create because I have a deep desire to give expression to the things I do not have words for. Textures, material, and surfaces inspire me. It always seems to me that a silent surface has turmoil beneath it, and if the eruptions are evident at surface level there must be a quieter self, waiting to be discovered. There can never be a complete balance. The imbalance lies in fact, in the steadiness of surviving. There is always something more than what meets the eye. Nothing exists as it appears: there are layers above and below the surface in reference to its context and understanding.

The desire to create is latent within me, invisible but storming under the surface. I create so that the naked eye can see what the inner eye knows. My work elaborates ethnicity or historical themes that can collapse into metonymic utterances that cancel the distinctions between places and boundaries, aesthetics and politics, between life and art.

My heart lies in the folk and tribal narratives of India. This respect and fascination has led to many years of explorations and collaboration with indigenous craftsmen / artists. I strongly feel that the national identity of India is rooted in its indigenous people and their expressions."

Puneet Kaushik lives and works in New Delhi.



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