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Ira Chaudhuri

Ira Chaudhuri went to Viswabharati in 1945 to study art at Kala Bhavana where she later met sculptor Sankho Chaudhuri, who would then become her husband. She moved with Sankho Chaudhuri to Baroda where the latter was to head the Department of Sculpture in the newly formed Faculty of Fine Arts at the M. S. University of Baroda. Ira Chaudhuri’s pottery techniques were augmented by self-taught knowledge gained from any and all Industrial technical book available, publications, and from friends at the Department of Chemistry. Ira Chaudhuri taught and held charge of the Pottery section at the Faculty of Fine Arts making functional earthenware glazed pots and experimenting with the chemistry of making glazes.

Artworks by Ira Chaudhuri