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Jethro Buck

A young artist who draws parallels between ancient and contemporary India, Jethro Buck was born in 1986, in Oxford, UK. After gaining a BA in Fine Arts from Falmouth college of arts, he received the Farjam scholarship to pursue an MA in Traditional Arts at the prestigious Prince school of Traditional arts, London. In 2014, he was honoured with the Ciclitira prize for outstanding work presented by HRH Prince Charles. From the time he received a grant from INTACH in 2012, he has been studying Indian miniature painting under the master artist Ajay Sharma in Jaipur.

As an artist who believes in finding truth while enjoying the process of making an artwork, his work is focused on celebration of life, preservation of ancient culture and also wild spaces. He writes “Many Western mythologies and stories tell us to go forth, multiply and ‘tame nature’ and I think the world has taken that a bit far by now. We are currently going through the 6th mass extinction. I’m more interested in ‘stewardship’ and ancient Eastern traditions and concepts that speak of reverence for nature and all living creatures. The slow process of making a miniature seems more in tune with the timeless rhythms of the natural world.”

Artworks by Jethro Buck