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Mahaveer Swami

Born in 1959, the master artist Mahaveer Swami has descended from a family of traditional painters from Bikaner. Apart from having a Diploma in painting and sculpture from Jaipur, he trained under his grandfather, father and the famed late Shri Ved Pal Sharma “Bannu ji”. From exhibiting at the Richard Kimball Gallery in USA (1993), National Craft Museum and Bikaner house in New Delhi (both in 1996), Gallery Horikawa, Japan (2005), Swami has also done paintings demonstrations in India, Paris, Cairo, Dubai and beyond. He has been felicitated with many awards and honors including the National award in 1986, Sanskriti award in 1992, Padam-Shree Isamudeen Usta award in 1995 and most recently, the Rajiv Ratna award in 2002. His paintings are a part of collections in India and abroad like Gallery Mansur, New Delhi, Gallery 88, Kolkata and World Erotic Museum, Berlin.

Artworks by Mahaveer Swami