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Viplov Singh

Viplov Singh is an artist/storyteller operating independently. Deeply drawn towards the medium of moving art, he uses the tools of drawing, animation and design in generating meaningful experiences.

Exploring and articulating ideas through drawing since he’s been aware of his consciousness and soaked up in the library of eastern manga and animation along with the western graphic novels, studying and learning their unique narratives of story-telling. In his later years, this fascination with story-telling evolved into a serious discipline of learning about the changing history of our planet, socio-political conditions, ecological changes, and the vast landscapes of philosophies and stories from all and ever-changing religions of our planet.

Capturing an individual philosophy through each medium and expression, he’s been exploring fantastical realism and aims at building a world dipped in fantasy folklore.

In his recent exploration, he is collaborating with another creative technologist in creating an Augmented Reality application, animating traditional Indian miniature aesthetic in re-creating the histories of our land that’s been lost in time.

Fluent in the skills of traditional animation, concept art and a spectrum of digital software, there’s constant experimentation over this creative landscape in exploring newer imaginative narratives.

Artworks by Viplov Singh