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Yugal Sharma

Udaipur based artist Yugal sharma is the eight generation artist from the lineage of the traditional artists who paint the Pichhwai paintings of Nathdwara and spent his childhood assisting his father and grandfather in finishing the large scale pichhwais. Earning an MA and PhD in painting from MLSU, Udaipur, he has exhibited widely in India and abroad. Apart from receiving the Jr. Fellowship in Painting from the Dept. of Culture, Govt of India, M.H.R.D, New Delhi, he has been honoured with numerous awards like Maharana Raj Singh Award, Mewar Foundation, Udaipur, State Award of Art, Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur, Kalidas Award, Kalidas Academy, Ujjain.

As a traditional Pichhwai artist whose work is deeply rooted in Krishnaite imagery, his encounter with modern art during his college led him to explore, experiment and juxtapose mythological themes contextualizing them in a different way. He writes “I try to explore different forms and images and in the end there is an absolute amalgamation of myth, culture and tradition in contemporary sensibilities. Kamdhenu, a wish fulfilling cow of Lord is meant to be very auspicious mythological character and it is one of my favorite subjects. Havelli architecture painting is fused with Krishna image to embody the omnipresence of the Lord in his all quarters of Havelli and world around. The tree of life – peepal tree, is also the symbol of Lord Vishnu, hence Krishna (Vishnu avatar) who resides in the tree of life.”

Artworks by Yugal Sharma