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Deepak Agasthya

Form remains one of the principle elements of art and can be defined in the most imperturbable way as the arrangement of lines in a confined and systematic manner. Line is the foundation of Form and lies essential in its formation. Being a defining element of Form, Line is often overlooked as an independent form in itself, an idea I have attempted to explore further in my oeuvre. My concept detaches the function of Line as a mere ingredient of Form and looks at it in the guise of an independent form. The notion of ‘Form within Form’ sprouts from this position, and the constitution of various Lines as independent Forms leading to the creation of the ultimate Form is what I have endeavoured to achieve in my works.
Often the choice of medium by the artist influences his concept and work-process in one way or the other. Every medium bearing its own salient advantages and limitations compels the artist to take certain measures which may or may not bear reminisces of his former style or sensibilities. My liking for wood as the medium for my art has been motivated by its flexible character and the capability to bend easily without breaking. Wood can also be considered a preferred choice for carving given its soft nature.

Deepak Agasthya

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