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  -    -  Deepak Agasthya

Deepak Agasthya

Deepak Agasthya’s practice examines the fundamentals of ‘form’. Form, in a dispassionate definition, is the systematic arrangement of lines. Line is the foundation of Form, essential to the formation of all forms, but often overlooked as an independent form in itself.

Deepak’s artworks painstakingly highlight individual lines, to the extent that a single change in angle or direction can indeed change the entire flow of the work. The result is an intricate pattern or composition of lines that resemble a microscopic view of materials – gentle waves of fabric, the deliberate tension of a tear, or the disconcerting proximity of a dense, solid form. In his attempt to discover how line leads to form, the process of creating each artwork is an integral part of its premise. Each individual line, the sound of drawing, even the time spent in creating each artwork, are important factors in his material enquiry. The intensely repetitive exercise of making lines is a meditative involvement with visual language. The artwork is soothing in effect, while also reminiscent of a ritualistic daily toil.

Deepak’s site specific installations particularly highlight elements of his process. Here, the viewer becomes a part of the artwork by walking on a surface he has marked, discovering a discreet intervention, or reacting to an unexpected display. The viewers’ interactions with these spatial works are equally important to Deepak and in turn make the artwork fluid and alive.

Born in 1991, Deepak received his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Cava, Mysore in 2015 and completed his Post Diploma in Visual Art from the M .S .University, Baroda in 2017. Most recently, his work was exhibited in the ‘Delhi Contemporary Art Week’ with gallery Latitude 28 (Delhi, 2019). Previous group exhibitions include ‘Nurturing the Contemporary’ at Primal Museum of Art (Mumbai, 2018), ‘Embark’ at Gallery Ark (Baroda, 2018). He participated in Serendipity Art Festival (Goa, 2017); his drawings and video were showcased in the Student Biennale (Kochi, 2015). He was a part of studio residencies like Primal Art Residency, Cycle 14 (Mumbai, 2018) and Dharti residency (Delhi, 2017). He was also awarded CIMA – Infosys special award (Kolkata, 2019). Deepak is currently based in Vadodara, India.

Artwork by Deepak Agasthya