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  -  Vimal Ambaliya

Vimal Ambaliya

Born in 1986, Vimal Ambaliya is a young artist based in Baroda, India. Along with a BVA and MVA (Diploma and Post Diploma) in (hasn’t mentioned the specifics in the CV) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda. Some of his group exhibitions include Indian vocabulary, ZOCA Contemporary Art, Ahmedabad ni gufa, Ahmedabad (2013), Baroda March, Mumbai (2015), Vadodara’s Heritage, Faculty of Fine arts, M.S.University, Baroda (2016) and most recently Interlude 1, Faculty of Fine arts, M.S.University Baroda (2018). He recently exhibited his first solo show Makan ki kheti, West Zone Culture Center, Bagore ki haveli, Udaipur (2018).

Apart from other awards, his most notable achievements are Jeram Patel Award, M.S, University, Baroda (2012), Gujarat Kala Pratithan Award, Surat (2013). Looking at the detailing, precision and simplicity of Indian miniature paintings, he attempts to reconstruct the history of Baroda drawing upon elements related to archaeology, architecture and city planning. He adds “the pertinent issue central to my work is the transformation of the city into visual language. What are the symbols and signs that represent the city? How they can be transmitted formally? The subconscious influence of the city with its complex set of relations and interaction attracts my interest and practice as an artist.”

Artwork By Vimal Ambaliya