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  -    -  Vimal Ambaliya

Vimal Ambaliya

Vimal Ambaliya’s practice draws upon elements of archaeology, cartography, architecture and city planning. He works with the detailing, precision and simplicity of Indian miniature style to deconstruct the layers of how cities are built. Divisions between the older and newer areas of a city, for instance, are a significant lens to its history. Exploring the urban geography of Baroda was the starting point for his art practice.

He adds, “the pertinent issue central to my work is the transformation of the city into visual language. What are the symbols and signs that represent the city? How can they be transmitted formally? The subconscious influence of the city with its complex set of relations and interactions attracts my interest and practice as an artist.”

Vimal’s approach is progressive and experimentative. He uses abstraction, fictionalizing, often combining parts from different cities and areas, and at times creating his own maps with fictitious routes. Although somewhat Fauvist in his usage of bright colors, patterns, and unusual combination of materials, Vimal’s artworks characteristically encompass various elements to coexist harmoniously.

Vimal Ambaliya received his Post Diploma in Painting from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 2014. Makan ki Kheti was his first solo show held in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2018. Previous group exhibitions include Kem Pahochya Jya Pahochya at the Conflictorium- Museum of Conflict (Ahmadabad, 2018), Luminously between Eternities at Gallery Ark (Vadodara, 2018), Kala Sangrah at The Art Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa, (2018 and 2019, Ahmadabad), Baroda March with Rukshan Art (Mumbai, 2015) to name a few. He has participated in several residencies and workshops and received the City Merit Award from The Praffulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, (Mumbai, 2018). Vimal lives and works in Vadodara.

Artwork by Vimal Ambaliya