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Jacques Kaufmann

Being a practicing landscape architect first and then an architect, I am always occupied by the ideas of infiniteness ; not in a non measurable ambiguous way, but a rather specific flow of time and energy that sometimes moves slowly and at other times rushes headlong, where nothing ever ends. And yet catching the moment of time and marking it with the clarity of ambiguity is important . One may well ask what does that mean ? Since it seems contradictory . The only way I can explain it is to draw the reader’s attention to a cloudy sky with the sun that hides behind it; its felt, we know its there, but we don’t see it. And yet we know clearly that its there, even know exactly where it is in the sky at the specific moment.

Propositions: Methods & Materials

Gallery Ark and Reliable Copy, with the support of Rubamin Foundation, present the first module of Propositions: Methods and Materials, “Drawing Conversations” with Gagan Singh. Workshop Dates: Feb 05-09, 2020 Drawing Conversations will explore the various dimensions of drawing through an exploration of the surrounding physical site, the play of word and line, the nuances of material, and the thinking that happens in the process of drawing. Is it possible to articulate the unseen moments of how thinking erupts or develops? How do we capture ideas, express emotions, build structures, and live spatial depth, while shuttling between these spaces? These are the questions around which Drawing Conversations will revolve. We are now accepting applications for participation in the first module. Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2019 Applications to be mailed to: For more information, visit the following link: