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Propositions: Methods & Materials

in collaboration with Reliable Copy with support from Rubamin Foundation

Gallery Ark is proud to announce a new long-term partnership with Reliable Copy, Bangalore, with support from the Rubamin Foundation, under the framework of ‘Propositions: Methods and Materials’. 

Propositions: Methods and Materials is a long-term series of educational programming where artists present their ongoing or existing enquiries in the form of workshops, seminars, and lectures. Functioning as an opening out of the artist’s studio, the programmes facilitate dialogue and critique through experimental and participatory models.

Reliable Copy is an independent, non-profit publishing house dedicated to the realisation and circulation of works, projects, and writing by artists. In addition to their publications, Reliable Copy also undertakes research projects, organises workshops, hosts lectures, and curates exhibitions.

2. The Conditioned Image
with Chinar Shah

5th – 10th September 2020

OPEN CALL for an online workshop

Deadline for application: 15th August 2020


We can no longer engage with photography using tools of the past. Photography is a radically different category as we witness an overwhelming number of images every day. The access to images and the excess of images do not imply seeing as a physical activity leading to knowing. Instead, often images hide more than they reveal. A photograph today occurs not only within a camera, but in the software, apps, and platforms that produce, share, and circulate an image.

The workshop is an opportunity to explore this changing nature of photography through theory and practice that encompasses a broader interpretation of photographic works. We will explore the relationship between meaning, production, and distribution of images as entities dependent on each other. The workshop will be process oriented and experimental. We will use various new media techniques, platforms, and apparatus’ to make and think through some of the key aspects of contemporary visual culture. By engaging with existing modes of photography and actively exploring what the future of the medium holds, we create a space for making art in dialogue with new visual economies.


Chinar Shah is an artist, writer, and occasional curator. Her work deals with photography and its implications in moments of violence and conflict. She is the founder of Home Sweet Home, an exhibition series that uses domestic spaces to show works of art. Between 2014 – 2020, she taught at the Srishti Institute for Art, Design and Technology, and she is also co-editor of Photography in India: From Archives to Contemporary Practice (Bloomsbury, 2018). 


Applications must include:

An updated CV, a portfolio of recent works/writing samples, and a motivation letter (max. 500 words).


Application Procedure:

– Please send your applications to propositions.info@gmail.com with the Subject Line as ‘Application for Propositions 2_Name of Applicant’

– The application documents must be sent as one PDF file. If there are video files, please insert online links to the videos (along with any passwords) within the PDF.

– Alternatively, instead of a PDF, the selection committee will also accept a website link, if it is updated and contains the applicant’s CV and work samples. In this case, the application email can simply include a link to the website, along with the motivation letter.

– Please note that incomplete applications and/or applications submitted to any other Gallery Ark or Reliable Copy email ID will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact propositions.info@gmail.com.

Eligibility and Terms:

– The program is free for all selected participants to attend. It is open to students, artists, curators, writers, and other practitioners, irrespective of their age, as long as they can demonstrate a sustained interest in photography and/or related practice as a subject of enquiry.

– A maximum of 10 participants will be selected for this module. The participant’s attendance for the entire duration of the module is mandatory.

– Applicants must be based in India.

– The workshop will take place online through a shared Zoom portal and other online tools.

– The workshop will be intensive, and will consist of discussions, readings, lectures, exercises, and screenings. Participants are requested to make sure that they are free from any other commitments for the duration of the workshop.

1. Drawing Conversations
with Gagan Singh

1st to 7th August 2020

Applications Closed

Drawing Conversations will explore the various dimensions of drawing through an exploration of the surrounding physical site, the play of word and line, the nuances of material, and the thinking that happens in the process of drawing. Is it possible to articulate the unseen moments of how thinking erupts or develops? How do we capture ideas, express emotions, build structures, and live spatial depth, while shuttling between these spaces? These are the questions around which the module will revolve.  


Gagan Singh is an artist based in New Delhi. His main preoccupation is in exploring ways of thinking through Drawing. He completed his Masters in Fine Arts from the Kent Institute of Art & Design in 2005 (Kent, UK), had his second solo exhibition at Chatterjee & Lal this September (Mumbai, India), and is currently an artist in residence at Rote Fabrik, supported by Pro Helvetia (Zurich, Switzerland).