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Devendra Khare

“Like the dry ground welcoming the rain, He let silence, solitude and loneliness soak in.” Haruki Murakami

Devendra thinks of his work in terms of poetry and visuals consecutively. Poetry is but an amalgamation of alphabets, signs, symbols, metaphors and allegory, which create unique experiences that translate to the imagery in Devendra’s work. Certain emotions have the potential to remain salient in our consciousness for lasting periods of time. For Devendra, one such emotion is the experience of displacement. Due to his father’s work in the civil services, their family migrated to several different cities while Devendra was growing up. Meeting new people, inhabiting new places, and then moving again to unknown places, has remained a constant feature in his life. Therefore, memories of hesitation, melancholy and nostalgia have a deep resonance in his work.

Artworks by Devendra Khare