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Nataraj Sharma

Nataraj Sharma’s art reflects a multiplicity of influences, both in its content and form. His art is strongly leveraged by the global sociopolitical events and specifically by his time spent in Egypt, England and Zambia. Sharma is known for his oeuvre in diverse media and his strikingly bold, individualistic art, which aims to challenge the certainties that limit our perception of the world. Nataraj Sharma studied Applied Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University (1982) and later worked through painting, print making and sculpture.

His noteworthy solo shows include ‘Airshow’ at Bodhi Art, Singapore (2008-09), ‘Stretch’ at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute and Bodhi Art, Singapore, Mumbai and New York, (2007), ‘Flight’ at Art and Public, Geneva and Bodhi Art, Mumbai, (2007) Sharma has also been a proud recipient of the Sotheby’s Award for Best Emerging Artist (1993).

Artworks by Nataraj Sharma