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Tehmeena Firdos

“Of late, I have been painting, recording sounds and making videos which bespeaks my journey through problems. But when I started articulating these problems, the problems started reflecting back- people have already been facing it. These become popular problems. My works which incorporate text and space, also enhance the idea of local and popular cultures- of landscapes and personal reactions of individuals. Focusing on current situations of an active and responsible generation”

Tehmeena graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU of Baroda with a Master’s Degree in Painting, and she currently lives and works in Delhi. Tehmeena’s works look at popular imagery pulled out of context, and appropriated to create seemingly surreal narratives. However, what visuals are seen on the surface belies the complex associations that run beneath it. Tehmeena looks at how we understand and interpret what we see and what we are subjected to. She uses various mediums and methods to execute her works, from drawing and painting, to video and kinetic sculpture.

Tehmeena has been a part of several workshops and residencies and has previously shown at FICA – The Moving Image: exploring light, movement & narrative (2017), Khoj Peers Share (2016), and most recently at UTSHA Artist Residency, Bhuvaneswar.

Artworks by Tehmeena Firdos