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A Voyage of Seemingly Propulsive Speed and an Apparent Absolute Stillness

A multidisciplinary three artist show which will showcase their studies through three words, myth, suspension and violence, which become points of reference. This show functions on two registers, one being the three words and the other being how these three artists think around their own contexts. From etching and drawings and zinc plates to videos, digital prints and LED strips, the works in the show address these two registers.

Arshad Hakim’s works around the idea of dislodged subjectivities, how they are formed and operate. He does so by often using pre-existing material and repurposes it to highlight shifts in reading/viewing that incorporate various senses of embodiment.

Using archival materials as references ranging from text, mass media, and cinema to historical documents, Moonis Ahmad Shah aim’s to establish an interdisciplinary art practice, which on one side uses archival material from the past and on the other side, newer technologies and programming languages to question the archive’s constitution, boundaries and materiality.

Sarasija Subramanian’s practice stems from analogies derived from the organic world in relation to its cultural and political implications. In the process of research, interaction and documentation, her active archive of images and objects continue to grow and incorporate histories and presents.