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Material Gains

Episode 8

February 16, 2019 – March 12, 2019

What do visuals do to us?
The immediate sensory perception of an image is the explicit visual. Color, shape, and form strike the eye at first. Implicit meanings lead the viewer to spend a while longer and unravel what more the image has to say. At times, the surface tempts to touch.

Are all surfaces to be touched?
To wonder at what point an object or a visual convinces the viewer that it needs to be more than just seen to be fully perceived is where the curation of this show finds its premise. In a way, it might seem like a battle of judgements – of the eyes versus the fingers. From what is perceived by the eyes traversing a visual surface, can the fingers be convinced and not want to seek confirmation?

Paper has been much more than just a surface to be written or drawn upon. The material has historic significance. But in the ambit of the arts, one wonders, to what extent the humble paper can be pushed. Whether the creases created by repeated folding speak of the way in which the shape was manipulated, if an object trapped between its fibers speaks of another kind of power that paper can exert, the material has endless potential.

The show brings together works of eight artists who have in the course of creating work, not just treated paper as a surface, but coerced it into assuming new form, and becoming the artwork itself, leaving the viewer to decide whether the visible form takes precedence over the surface over which it exists.