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Elements in Mythology

December 14, 2018 – January 18, 2019

While it can be argued that ‘art’ in its myriad contemporary forms may not necessarily be recognised or appreciated across diverse social and economic cultures, pottery however has the undeniable recognition of being fundamental to human life for thousands of years in every civilisation that has emerged on earth. An artist choosing to work with ceramics and pottery today therefore has a plethora of histories to draw knowledge from and extend them further through their own personalised techniques and practices. Elements in Mythology brings together the worlds of some of India’s finest artists working with ceramics presenting examples of both functional pottery as well as sculptural objects.

While there are several common undercurrents one would discover in the works of the artists presented in this show, the larger vision of Gallery Ark is to celebrate the diversity of practices and versatility of clay in the hands of some of our best artists. Gujarat lies within the peripheries of the ancient Indus Valley civilization and archaeological sites here have revealed samples of pottery traditions almost 4000 year old. This show must equally be seen as a tribute to this long history we live with and carry forward.