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In The Light Of

Curated by Gitanjali Dang
January 29 – May 15, 2021

One scorching summer noon in 1970, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Nasreen Mohamedi and their cameras visited Fatehpur Sikri. In 2017, a fleeting encounter with the two photographs in question resulted in the opening confabulation. The curatorial premise of this exhibition draws its inspiration from a story around these two photographic images and larger deliberations around what it means to imagine at a time when the imagination is overcome, in a world already wobbling on its axis.

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In The Light Of

In The Light Of

One scorching summer noon in 1970, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Nasreen Mohamedi and their cameras visited Fatehpur Sikri. The artist friends were exploring and photographing the site, when Gulam in a gesture of play/camaraderie/solidarity/curiosity took it upon himself to see what Nasreen was seeing through her lens, and literally positioned his lens such that he could access her perspective.

Nasreen’s image of the Anoop Talao at Fatehpur went on to become one of her most reproduced and readily recognised, while Gulam did not develop his negatives for the longest. Years later, when Gulam finally did develop, he realised what had happened: Two near-identical images.


The above-stated events did not transpire. Not as such, anyway.

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